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Oral Hygiene

Bacteria and food debris must be removed regularly to avoid scarred teeth and infected gums. A soft bristled hand or electric toothbrush is recommended. Replace your toothbrush when the bristles begin to fray – with braces that means every 2-4 months. Interdental or proxy brushes are effective for cleaning between the teeth and the wires.

Dental floss is also a must to avoid cavities between the teeth. This takes some practice and should be done every day. Also a fluoride rinse will help fight cavities. Phos- Flur is recommended. This can be obtained at a drug store and should be used daily. At the very least, you should use a fluoride rinse such as Act or FluoroGuard.

An oral irrigator is also useful in removing food debris that is left behind. If you have any questions concerning your oral hygiene call 344-0605. Look in the mirror when you are finished brushing. If your braces and teeth are not sparkling clean, start again! Clean teeth look good, smell good and taste good. If you do not keep your teeth and gums healthy, you may be very unhappy with your orthodontic treatment.

Leaving food on your teeth increases the chances of getting cavities, or at the very least, white marks (decalcifications) on your teeth. These are not attractive and may require dental fillings to repair the damage. Unhealthy gums can lead to bleeding, soreness, bad taste and smell, slower movement of teeth and bone loss. This may result in gum surgery to repair the damage.

As you can see, it’s much easier and less costly to prevent these problems before they start!

Loose or Broken Brackets

After you clean your teeth, gently pull on each metal band or bracket. If one of them is loose, please call us to determine when it should be fixed. Do not wait until your next appointment. This is how scars begin to form on the teeth.

If you are wearing rubber bands or a head gear, stop until your braces are fixed. If something rubs, cover it with wax, rinse with warm, salt water and put Orabase or Zilactin on the sore spot and call 344-0605.

If a wire is loss or poking, push it with a pencil eraser so it is comfortable. You can also cover it with wax or a cotton ball. If you can put the wire back with a pair of tweezers; do so. Or clip the wire carefully with a nail clipper. Call 344-0605 so we can fix it. If it is an emergency (i.e. you cannot cover, clip or push the wire and are in pain), please call 344-0605 and leave your number. We will call you as soon as possible. Thank you.

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