Patient Testimonials


The staff at Dr. Kerr’s office treats you just like family. Dr. Kerr and his staff did such a great job with our son’s extensive treatment, we brought our daughter for her orthodontic treatment also.
Vadella Family
Carbondale, PA

Dr. Kerr has a wonderful personality, and the kids love him. He has a soft quiet demeanor that makes you feel at ease. He talks to you as an equal, as a friend, not as a case number. Dr. Kerr has treated all three of our girls, and we could not have been happier with him, his staff or the results.
Ditchey Family
Tunkhannock, PA

Dr. Kerr and his staff make your appointment entertaining and less discomfort. The staff is great and will keep you laughing throughout your visit. Scheduling appointments are easy. If you are thinking about braces for your child, think Magic Orthodontics. Your child will look forward to their appointments. Orthodontic treatment will leave a lifetime results on your child’s smile and self-esteem. Why not choose Magic Orthodontics?
Opalka Family
Carbondale, PA

Dr. Kerr and his team give his patients the best care! He and the team treat us like family. They keep you laughing throughout your orthodontic visit. Help in your child's lifetime smile and self-esteem. Give them a call to set up an appointment today.
Amy Gillette

We enjoy Dr. Kerr's sense of humor. We like the prizes, contests and the parties the office has. We appreciate that the appointments are always on time. We LOVE the staff. =)
Rose Family
Montrose, PA

I love my new smile! They have a great staff! I never dreaded my appointments! Two years in braces flew by. Always kept thinking of the end result it was so worth it
Tolan Family
Dunmore, PA

I loved all of Dr. Kerr's magic tricks. Debbie, Renee, Pat and Marie were the greatest!. They all are great friends. Getting my braces on and off was wonderful. I LOVE my NEW SMILE!
Kurpiela Family
Kingsley, PA

Dr. Kerr and his team are cheery and professional. My son never feared his appointments because they were painless. The visits were short and infrequent. Never a wait in the reception area.
Early Family
Dunmore, PA

Brian Kerr D.M.D., P.C.

  • Dunmore - 402 N. Blakely St., Dunmore, PA 18512 Phone: 570-344-0605 Fax: 570-343-0113
  • Montrose - 24 Public Ave., Montrose, PA 18801 Phone: 570-278-1227 Fax: 570-343-0113
  • Tunkhannock - 158 W. Tioga St., Tunkhannock, PA 18657 Phone: 570-836-6210 Fax: 570-343-0113

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